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Our Mission

Virteq LLC is a company striving to bring high quality products to online communities everywhere. Our approach to the user experience is crucial to our main goal. By providing a wide range of custom services to accompany our products at extremely low prices, we're confident in our ability to please customers and keep them coming back for more. Ethics are very important to how we conduct business. Our experts always fairly assess any customer's needs to give them the best product at the best price with no strings attached. You will never find any confusing paperwork, processes, or dialogue between any of our representatives. We use simple terms and technologies to give the quickest, easiest, and most helpful products and services. This cuts back on the unnecessary complexities that many people experience on the Internet while trying to establish a business or community.

Products and Services

We cover a wide range of products and services that encompass the idea of providing everything you need to build your community or business.

Premade IP.Board forum skins - Importable themes to give your IP.Board forum a makeover.
Custom IP.Board forum skins - Specific themes that cater to your exact needs.
IP.Board Applications - Fully featured applications for IP.Board that expand the capabilities of your forum software to new heights.
Web Hosting - A platform for creating your website.
Brand Management - Let us help you establish your brand, logos, color schemes, and the groundwork for creating your business or community.

Meet The Team

IPB Skin By Virteq