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Add new functionality and easy management to your Virteq products through our Premium Products System. With this application installed, dynamically modify skin and application settings to add incredible value.

This application is free and unifies multiple systems in order to give you one location to manage every aspect of customization with Virteq IP.Board products. Change skin colors, board widths, broadcast messages, change logos, and more!
As of April 2014, all Vireq skins requires this app to be installed


Premium Features

Stay upto date

Showcase of Virteq's latest products, within your ACP

Keep Track

Keep track of your purchases

Great Impact

Great impact on Virteq Skins, we will be able to add settings to all our skins, for example:
- Change Default Skin background from ACP
- Change Default Color
- Change Default Font for skins
- Change Skin width
- Swap between horizontal and vertical user info in posts
- Replace usernames in user navigation with profile photo
- Display a global message to your users with personalized options
- Add social networking icons
- Disable the IPB sidebar
- Replace post icons with the topic starter's avatar


Each skin will have its own Tab in our application wehere you can manage it's settings directly. Keep in mind that some skins will have their own special features, while others will have a different set of features, depending on how each skin is used. Older skins released before 2014 will NOT use these features.

  • Product Statistics

  • Submitted: Jan 12 2014 11:39 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 04 2014 03:23 AM
  • File Size: 48.08KB
  • Compatibility: IP.Board IPB 3.3+

IPB Skin By Virteq