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The old Innovation 2 &3 skins for IPB 2.2 were very popular a few years ago, and we heard the cry to bring back the skin series for IPB 3 with a twist. In the past, everyone needed to purchase a separate skin color variation of this simple, dark skin, based on what color matched their website. It could get pretty costly if you wanted multiple color variations, or one of the 6 color variations offered were not what the consumer needed. So we came up with a solution to the color problem: Offer one skin with a color chooser per user, so that the admin can choose the default color, and if the members wanted to change the colors on their own, they can. The skin is capable of changing to over 16.7 MILLION colors! This gives the board admins a variety of choices for their skin color, in addition to giving each member the ability to change the skin for themselves, individually! Innovation 4 is not the first of its kind, but it certainly provides a high quality experience for consumers on a budget who want great customization options!


  • Product Statistics

  • Submitted: Oct 16 2013
  • Last Updated: May 22 2015
  • File Size: 17.76MB
  • Compatibility: IP.Board 3.4.3 - 3.4.8

IPB Skin By Virteq