Web Hosting and Domain Names

It all starts with the perfect name.

Every website address uses a catchy name or phrase that ends in .com, .org, etc. so that people know how to find your website. These are called domain names. Domain names renew once per year and start at only $15.

You will have the option to pick your domain name when you purchase hosting. But if you only want a domain name, alone, you can buy one individually here.


Compare Plans

Need help choosing a plan? Contact us and we will help you make a decision. 

Which plan is best for you?

Here’s a breakdown of who each plan is for.


The Starter plan is usually enough for those who are starting their first website and do not expect an enormous amount of visitors at once.

Examples of common websites using the Starter plan:

  • Blogs
  • Art portfolios
  • Online resume
  • Small businesses such as those working in trades (electrical, construction, landscape, etc.)

Starter Plus

The Starter Plus plan is identical to the Starter plan in every way, but it includes one very important tool that makes building your website a breeze.

With the Divi Builder and Theme for WordPress, you won’t need to learn a single line of code to develop a beautiful, professional-looking website with ease.

This plan provides the most value for someone who has very little experience building a website.



The Professional plan is designed for those who have plans for a big, high traffic website with lots of visitors each month and generally have a clear vision for the scale and size of website they need.

This plan also includes the Divi Website Builder for WordPress.

Examples of websites using the Professional plan include:

  • Popular restaurants
  • Utilities
  • Local Governments
  • Influencers
  • E-Commerce retailers